Evolution of American Journalism….How we have changed

                Journalism had been around as long as the government has been serving the people of the United States. As America began to evolve the sources of information too evolved with it. As said by Oscar Wilde ” In America the president reigns for four years, and journalism governs for ever and ever.” This quote would be shown throughout many cases as the U.S. was brought to wars and scandals all supported by journalists.
               Journalism has evolved around the technology that America went through such as the Manifest Destiny time period that led to trains and soon telephone lines. This allowed for news to be shared from state to state as the country contiuned to grow bigger. Also the use and sources of the news comes from what method americans like to use most. Such as the smartphone recently hitting the market, making many new customers who would soon get their information electronically. This caused for journalist to go to blogs,and other websites to relay their infomation. Their has been many talk about News Papers ending printing and going straight to the web. A creation made by Benjamin Franklin may come to a end in the upcoming years or so.
              Thanks to the first amendment journalists are protected which comes in handy when some of them dig up some deep storys that lie within our government or any other higher position in our world. I think we should all be thankful for early american journalism and the freedom of the press. Why? It’s because during the early stages of journalism it was not easy, for some of the people had to start from scratch without any form of technology, and others had to do it in secrecy(such as in colonial times).
             Overall I would like to know in the time we are in now what do journalist have to do now and what it takes. Also I wonder does the first amendment still affect us today, when we have several ways to acess and post our own information and call ourselves journalist?


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