Who are Journalist….?

There are many different qualites a person should have when it comes to being a well-known journalists. To my standards,a journalist’s job is to inform me in the best way possible to make me understand about the current events around me  Personal, I do not care mine if they add their own opinions in the matter because this is what makes it fun and interesting. Three qualifications that can make someone a good journalists(or qualify as a journalists)are: credibility,relatable, and a passion for the job.

The two modern Journalists I have researched are Robin Roberts and Shaun Robinson, who are both TV broadcaster one for Good Morning America and Access Hollywood. If I ever went into journalism and TV I would want to be just like these women. Though journalism is can be range from radio,newspapers,or blogs when I think about it the first that comes to mine is Television. Out of all the journalists I choose these two because they both have been around for a long in the news and media world. For my first qualification credibility Robin has shown this by having interviewed many people from around the world. She seems that she does not lie on air, nor does Shaun but something in entertainment news you never know what is the truth. Also when both of them are telling the news or reporting they both make it relatable to the audience. Shaun more than Robin, sometimes add more opinion and emotion to her stories.

The last qualification I choose was to have passion for the job and both these women show passion when they come on live every single morning and evening. Due to their passion makes the show interesting, and makes me want to tune in everyday. Robin Roberts has shown pure passion in the last couple of months when she had to leave due to health issue but she push her way through and came back to GMA, which everyone welcomed her back.

So a journalist to me is someone I can trust with what they are telling me, also someone I can relate to or is able to relate to their audience really well and last a journalists needs to have the passion behind his or her work. Their job is to inform people about the events going on around them, through many have different methods they all help get the job done.  Robin Roberts and Shaun Robinson display my qualifications and this is what makes them a true journalists to my definition.


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