Journalism Today? Where is It?

Interview questions

From my three interviews I have learned that through many different generations we all get the news differently, but one thing remains the same: our hunger for news. Like my dad pointed out you can get it anywhere you go, which is true when he mentioned all the TV’s that sit in resturants today. Whether it is local, nation, sports of just entertainment we all crave it.

Also I learned that my friend Brianna and my dad have more in common that my dad did with his mother. Both of them told me that they prefered CNN, and it is the same with me on some occasions. Having similar anwers again my friend and dad both had crazy plans for our future in getting the news. This tells me that that some people think that our news we change and it will happen soon. I am sure that if I had interviewed others they too would agree with that statement.

For the most part with my grandma her major concern was why spend more money when you can use the resources you have, which is a good question she told me when I asked her question 3. From this I can see that people of her generation may not want to spend more money when they could just use newspapers. This shows two sides of the story when it comes to how some get there news. I learned mainly that most people get their news from TV being the top choice and the internet coming in second. This is due to our rapid technology and Television being everywhere, and one day there might not be any newspaper for our news to come on.


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