What is News?

News, can be anything that you hear,see or learn that is “new” to your knowledge. News can be from any topic such as weather,sports, entertainment, and so on. What makes news different from other types of communication is that it is everywhere and it continues to grow as the world grows.

In the world that we live in today, yes, news is something you read, hear, or watch. Whether your news comes from any of these sources like mentioned before if it is “new” to you I would suggest that it is news. Why, because in this form of communication you are being informed about something that has happened or is currently happening at the moment.

Even gossiping with you friends can be considered as a form of news, because in a way you or your friends are informing each other about an event. News cannot be confined to one area of communication because it is literally everywhere including television, newspapers, radio, blogs and even billboards. Though many people have different ways of describing what news means to them, we can all say that we get enough of it everyday.


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