02.02 Print—Magazines and Journals.

I really enjoyed reading India Arie (The spiritual songstress riffs on skin color, transformation and moving on) by Adrienne Samuel Gibbs. It caught my eye because I haven’t heard about India Arie in a long time, and my mother used to always play her music, and I believe she is a wonderful artist and has encourage me throughout the years. But it really surprised me when she mention about “she was living the life my mother wanted me to live”. I think this is a common issue that comes up with children and their parents, I am 17 and I am thankful my parents do not do this to me, for they encourage me to go out and be my own boss.  But sometimes I guess your parents just want the best for you and do not realize that they are taking over and not letting you take the wheel. From this article what really got to me is when Ms.Arie said “I realized I needed to stop chasing the carrot and plant my own garden”, I like this quote and it means a lot to me.

 EBony Magazine


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