What are the differences between Weekly and Daily newspaper?

Many newspapers run through different time periods and cover different topics. One thing thats for certain is that all the different kinds of newspapers all report news that had happened the day before or news from the pass week. Two main news papers are the weekly and daily newspapers.

A major difference between the two is that the daily newspapers come out everyday. The daily newspapers cost more than the weekly newspapers or sometimes called “Weeklies” in the USA. Sometimes my family gets daily newspapers but most we stick with the Sunday paper. But depending on whether the paper is local or nation, the weekly news may cover only specific areas.

Although, the papers come out on different days, they still have the same section areas such as sports, entertainment, local, international, wheather and so on.  Also a difference between the two, is that daily newspapers tends to be larger  than the weekly newspapers. The weekly newspapers when they come out  mostly cover local news such as events that happened in town, or a local sports team.




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