“02.03 Broadcast—Radio.”

       The radio broadcast “Change is on the horizon for London’s famous skyline” by Christopher Werth informs us about the upcoming changes that could be destroying part of London’s history and heritage. The story was reported by Christopher Werth who is known as a public radio reporter and producer; who not only has reports on NPR but also many on Marketplace. Just by taking a quick glance at his twitter account you can tell that Werth has worked overseas for a while going to places such as Greece, Paris and all over the U.K.
       With the help of host Melissa Block, the broadcast begins to describe the current building of new skyscrapers in London that are passing the skyline causing a loss of some of London’s native look. From this broadcast you learn that the people of London have mixed feelings about the new buildings, Werth helps make the report credible, by getting opinions from both sides of the story. While some people want to preserve London natural low-rise building looks, others believe that it is a good idea to change.
           A major source Werth used, is he somewhat interviewed people about their opinion on the new construction that was taking place in their hometown. Also though it was not clearly stated it sounded like Werth was on some type of tour of a building in which you hear Nigel Webb talking about the buildings and how he thinks they are taking away London’s natural low-rise look. By having real people speak their “own words” it allows for listeners to develop their own opinion about the current news on the buildings in London.
        Overall yes, this is a credible radio broadcast by Christopher Werth, not only because he used opinion from both sides but he also incorporated sounds from around London that he would explain in the broadcast. For example when Werth began to talk about the Tower of London, you could make out the sounds of an army or something similar who would shout together after hearing the command “God Preserve Queen Elizabeth”, and “Amen”. This helped place the listen in the setting that Werth was in making the broadcast more of a reality.


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