The news show that I watched was Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on channel E! This is a entertainment news show, where both Bush and Hoover give their own opinions about the current news. Also this morning I watched Good Morning America, that is a news show. These two shows are very different but at times can be the same.
           On Access Hollywood live they are more opinated where it seems on GMA they have to give the news in a fair way to the audience not pointing out anything specific.  For example when Billy Bush was talking about the votes of  The Voice that aired the night before he said “I knew that she was going to win, cause the south takes over the voting and votes heavierly, Blake Shelton has the country”.  Also when it came time to talk about “Kimye” both Bush and Hoover were giving their opinions on what a article posted in People magazine said.

      Overall I think that Access Hollywood is effective in getting the news to people, because in this situation the news on Access Hollywood is not really a “life or death” type of news. It is suppose to be informing in a fun and crazy way and Billy Bush and Kit Hoover give their own opinions about it. Though the show may not be for everyone, for me it is doing it’s purpose.  I like shows where they sometimes get off topic, but at the same time can report to me about the current things that I might have missed.

-Access Hollywood Live

-Good Morning America


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