News Media: Internet,Television,Radio and Newspaper

“02.05 Internet: News, Blogs, etc.”

         There are many different forms of news media around us today as the world continues to grow along side with technology. But not only is there technology around us, we still hold on to our “old” ways of getting news such as through the Daily or Sunday paper. Though we each have our own personal favorite of getting our news we can all say that we get it somehow.
          The major forms of news media can come from Newspapers, Radio, Television or the world-wide web a.k.a. the Internet. As of right now the one thing that the four have in common is that they are still in regulation and have interest among many people. Also another thing is that it can be an easy source (depending on the person) for people to get news whether it is local or international news.
         When it comes to these form of media, newspaper it likely to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to the most used. Unlike the others, newspaper does not deliver new current head breaking news, due to the fact it is printed and handed out the day after. Although it has this one major flaw, it still helps give us news that many people today would believe it more credible than something you would read off the internet. With the internet being so wide-range it is very hard to tell what is fact or opinion or just true. Compared to TV, radio and newspaper (unless it is an opinion section) the news found on the internet is likely to less impartial. With blogs, vlogs, citizen journalists, it makes it hard to take someone’s word on the internet to be true.
        Other sources included TV and radio. These two are not that different in my opinion, I believe that they are reliable and credible source for the news. Both require a good anchor or reporter to help get across the news they are informing people about. Radio personalizes are required to have a clear speaking voice and be able to describe a situation to their listeners so that they can imagine it themselves, but in some cases TV reporters have to do the same. Another feature they have in common is that they both have a variety of shows and topics that each station can talk about. For example you have news channels, entertainment channels, sport channels, music channels and so on, allowing for a greater audience.
          When asked about what news media I would prefer most it is hard to say, because I find myself using all sources. Out of all four, newspapers gets rarely used because my paper does not get here till Sunday and by then it’s “old” news. I prefer the other sources because it is quick and updated news by every passing second. By habitat I am always using these sources whether it is for news or not, and also these sources can be found anywhere. Though one day when our newspapers are found on the web, the list or four may soon be a list of three.


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