3.00 Introduction to Ethics

       Someone who is ethical means that they are capable of having morals and that they know how to respect other peoples morals without offending them. You know what to say and what not to say to keep this people happy or to break a person down. We have all had times when we had to do the morally right thing even if we did not want to. For example if you were ethical you would not purposely expose someone’s secret just to get back at them, but would expose them to help them if they were in danger.
        With a situation that your friend could be putting his or her self in danger most people would be hesitate to do something about it if they knew it could damage a friendship. In this so called “ethical dilemma” an ethical person would listen to their gut and do what is “morally” right for the friend.
       Ethics applies to journalism a lot more than what people would assume. Everyday journalists have to think about the work they are putting out and what they could be exposing to the world. They have to think about what this could do to their readers and audience, “will it hurt them”, “help them” and so on. With the code of ethics, journalists should follow these guidelines that are in place to ensure that no one is offended.


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