My Code is Ethics (3.01 Code of Ethics)

                                My Code of Ethics

1. Always present the truth in a way that it is to help the community and not hurt them.
2. Always be respectful and have integrity when reporting the story. Put yourself in their shoes
3. Avoid making someone look too miserable because you may affect your audience                                                                   4. Never accept gifts from people and never pay people.
5. Overall think about what you are exposing to your community, who are you representing.

My code of ethics is to help ensure that everyone is respected during a story and that the story is to be told the correct way. The public thinks they want to know the whole truth but sometimes we may ask for something that we are not ready to handle. My number one code is to ensure that stories tell the truth in a way that will make a community want to stand up and make a change if there has been a negative event, a story should not chastise a community but encourage them.

Code two, is to make sure that the story is really thought through by the reporter and that they know that this could have a major impact on someone. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes because you never know what circumstances that they could be going through. Code three is to represent a person well never overdue their situation and never under do. Code four is to know that you are to never accept gifts; people want to be able to put their trust in you. They do not want to find out later that you may have paid or have gotten paid to do a story that may have left a major impacted on the community; people do not handle scandals very well.

The last code is to just make sure that a reporter truly knows what he or she is about to expose, if you do not feel comfortable do something about it and if you cannot try your best to show that you care. These codes I think are the most important and will help reporters and journalist do what is morally right.


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