Slander and Libel

Slander v. Libel
When it comes to spreading rumors about someone, the ending may not be what you may have expected. Spreading spoken and written “lies” have cause people to go to jail, court and so many other things. Point blank it you can avoid doing this bad habitat I would advise you to stop.
For example:
“A teenager posts a blog about an ex-boyfriend, listing several of his personal and physical flaws. The ex-boyfriend responds by posting a blog of his own that states several untruths about the person who posted the original blog. Both parties’ parents sue each other for defamation of character.” (Brainhoney3.04Slander and Libel)

This case would be a libel case because it deals with written lies. The ex-boyfriend would be at fault in this case because he wrote things that were not true about the girl. Though the girl did write negative things about the ex-boyfriend they were all true. Like the Jeremiah Barber case, I think the boy should do service hours. Both the parents of the kids need to teach their children about defamation and how it could possible permanently damage a person reputation whether the information told is true or not. The question is does the whole world really need to know, or in the end will this rumor truly benefit you?


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