Introduction to Persuasion

Persuasive media messages can be found anywhere around you, and they do influence your life more that you may think they do. They can be found on billboards, radio and TV commercials and ads in newspapers. The whole idea of these media messages it to PERSUADE people into buying or doing something you aren’t ready, all companies do this.
Looking around today I think the most persuasive media messages I’ve seen has come from Television ads and commercials. From cereals, clothes, music and cars it can all be found in TV ads. Even radio ads have the occasionally commercials persuading someone to buy a “nice cold sweet soda, to get over this extreme summer heat”. Along with the internet, has a lot of ads and not only are the ads persuading but some of the headlining stories they run. I haven’t seen any billboards today but I can think of the Chick-a Fila boards telling us “to eat more chicken” this is definitely an example of persuasive media.
Whether it is good or bad, persuasive media is everywhere. The chick-a-fila messages influence me to eat more chicken all the time, and the reason their method works is because they have a wide target audience, and a mascot that anyone would be able to pick out. Messages that don’t really work are the pop-up ads that come on the internet. For one, no one means to clip on them on purpose it just happens and they really don’t persuade you to do anything but lose weight by doing 50 push up a day.

Source:, Different TV channels like TNT, TBS and ABC Family


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