4.02 Logic and Fallacies

Logic and Fallacies

I have been in many different situations that there was a false dilemma, bandwagon or any other logical fallacy. At school for example I have a friend group of up to ten people, we all do not get along and we all don’t see eye to eye. But many of us have joined in on the bandwagon when are friends are wearing this style or hanging out with these people. In the end all it does is create drama, which I try to stay out of it. How do I know these situations are bandwagons, is because I hear the words “well she is doing so”, which leads right to the definition of the bandwagon fallacy.
These situations are really not resolved because they cannot it’s just what high school kids do, there is no way around it. Me, personally I try to stop myself from being a “bandwagon”, but who in high school wants to be left out what his or her friends are doing. Just because someone else thinks it is cool does not mean we all have to agree with the statement. Though not agreeing may spark an argument it is just part of not being a bandwagoner.


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