4 Pathos in Journalism

As school years pass by I keep hearing the dark talk of “uniforms”, and wonder why it is being talked about at all. Why do you think it is okay to take away someone freedom to expression themselves. Why would anyone want to take that away? Many people claim that it helps with attention in class or it helps with other students that may not have similar things.
Personally, if I was in charge I would be different and not bring in uniforms and let my students be who they are. Gladly my school in Guildford County has not gone to the horrible route of uniforms. But I have heard the talk spreading about this “trend” spreading everywhere. I feel strong about this because I know many people like to wear what they spend money on buying and showing off who they are. That’s what it is all about: expression. By having uniforms you are putting a huge lockdown on the students who may rebel anywhere, so in the end does this problem get resolved? I am not exactly promoting the students to rebel and where whatever but I am saying that it might as well happen.
Besides taking away our personal expressions, having us dress the same makes us all look the same. Think about this, why do you think we all look different, there’s got to be a reason for this. So why ignore this and imply uniform where we will all look the same. Personally even when I when out on field trips and wore the same shirts I could not stand it because we all looked the same. How boring! School uniforms are not need they just make the school look dark and drain all the uniqueness from it.

Lewen, T.. N.p.. Web. 28 Jun 2013. .


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