Planning Checklist

07.02 Project Planning Checklist

 When do I plan to complete this project?

Kierra-By Tomorrow

Cierra-Within Two days

 What resources do I already have that pertain to this project?

Kierra-Both watching the different TV shows and taking plenty of notes on each show and how we fell while watching each show

Cierra-Prior knowledge, audio uses

 What resources do I still need to complete this project?

Both of us need to collect different information and do research if needed.

 What news story (stories) will I focus on for the topic of my project?

Kierra-The effects of the rise of reality TV

Cierra- New controversial shows


In the end we will put our things together to make a radio podcast that will discuss the different things that we have seen or have picked up on.


Project Proposal

 Cierra and I will work together to create an online radio newscast, about different TV shows that now have taken the market and are loved by many. We plan to complete this project by each of us collecting our specific information and then in the end putting it together in a radio podcast. The different resources we will use will definitely be Television and these radio podcast will bias because we will be using our own opinions.  I will be addressing the rise in reality TV shows among the many channels that we have and overall it is good television.  Cierra will be taking a look at how now on television you can see more controversial stuff such as the new ABC family show the “fosters” or cheerios biracial couple commercial.  As of right now we do not have any questions.

07.00 Reporter’s Notebook

Before starting the course I would think of journalist as someone who did a lot of writing, for radio stations, and television stations.  I thought the overall purpose of journalism was to gather information and tell it back to the public, other than this I really had no idea about what their purpose was. I did not know about journalistic ethics before starting the course.  This course was the first place I learned the word impartial writing, before I knew that you were to leave your opinion out of your writing but I did not know what it was called.  I was not really interested in journalism because I did not know what it was truly about besides the whole lot of writing part.

My definition of journalism has changed a lot because now I know what exactly a journalist has to do and what they cannot do.  I still believe that the purpose of journalism is to gather information and to inform the public on it in any form of media. Whether it is news you love or it is part of a job. I know now that journalist have to stick to certain rules and regulations when putting information out to the public, you never want to offend your audience.  I did know that in order to get your audience to react a certain way you may use certain words that have connation that will cause reactions.  My understanding of impartial reporting and opinion writing has changed, because I now realize how hard it can be to write an impartial writing and to leave all of your personal opinion out of the writing.  The future of journalism is still wide range, because as we continue to expand in technology and new creative ideas there is no telling what and how we will be getting our new in the future. But overall I believe that journalism will not go away because it is a good and resourceful way to inform others.

6.2 Education

  1. How do I get there from here?

First I will have to go to college, undergraduate, then become a graduate.

     2.What education do I need to reach this milestone?

     I will some background in Television and Film, if this is what I want to into.

 3. What education do I need to succeed in this career?

Most places want education in the type of equipment used and basic background, and hopefully get an internship so I can be adjusted to the business.

4. What steps can I take now to begin preparing my future?

Look for art colleges

5. How long might this take me?

It could take four years to finish colleges, and might take longer to find a job.  




Even though I have written the basics down for my life plan, it is not perfect because I really do not know what I want to do exactly in life. I realize though that I am running out of time but this list helps me become organized with the things I already and sure about.  Education wise, it should not take longer than four years, unless the type of school I go too requires more than just four years. Also an art school or private school may allow for me to deal with the business I want to go in and help me get to witness the background of the business. I believe that my goals are reasonable because I have not pushed myself hard enough, these goals are really simple. To have goals and a career plan allows me to stay organize and to see how my life could be in the future.  I believe people do this, so when the time comes they have it already figured out and do not have to jump to a plan B.




6.1 My Interest

For E! News, they have a program with Comcast entertainment that allows people to internship but there is no pay.  Also in order to do the program (if on college) you must receive some type of credit while doing the internship.  It is based in Los Angeles, and different jobs are available form editorial, new media and so on.  No experience is needed because this is really learning to process to see the true business.


 I do somewhat agree with the Interest Machine because it did list me under photography and television which is something I would love to get into. But I do not think that I want to be the person editing the pictures for the TV show. I kind of want to be the one directing the show and I really do not think that, that is a part of Journalism.

06.00 Reporter’s Notebook

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts attended and graduated from Southern Louisiana University, which began to lead the way to her professional career as a sportscaster. Throughout the years from 1983-until now, Roberts has worked with many different broadcasting companies such as ESPN, ABC, ABC-TV, and many other local television networks. She has held many different positions in career ranging from host, co-anchor, reporter and she also was a radio host. As a journalist and a professional I believe Robin Roberts is at the top of her game, she has received several awards for her outstanding achievements in the reporting she has done over the years. Robin Roberts has plenty of experience and this is what has helped her become very successful today.
Roberts is currently a co-anchor with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Good Morning America, which airs weekdays. This job differs slightly from her previews job because she is no longer just reporting on sport like she has done in the pass, but now gets to report on world-wide news. With her job now what is similar is that she is still able to report with ABC. Roberts is at the top of her career and she was also able to leave her job for a while because she was dealing with cancer and she still came back into the business with everyone happy and proud to have her back. Those who watched Good Morning America all knew that it did not feel the same without her there, we all missed her. Though it may be awhile before there is another journalist/broadcaster like Robin Roberts, this new person should be able to step up and handle the challenges that come along with the job. You need to be able to get along with your audience, have a catch phrase, do your research, be able to stay up late and rise early in the morning, all these things I am sure Roberts had to do. As Robin Roberts would say “Go on with your bad self”.

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As the media continues to grow, our young adult celebrities are always under fire and are criticized by fans all over the world, the question is as fans are we causing the pressure? Every day now it is not uncommon to hear about some celeb teen that has gotten in trouble for partying too hard or just acting inappropriately  in front of media, but haven’t we all at some age done the same thing just not in front of the world. Constantly, there are new stars that come into the spotlight, and grow up in front of the cameras. But as soon as the young celeb, begins to grow into a young adult and make decisions for him or herself the public begins to pick them apart for everything they do.  The childhood and the lifestyles of a young adult celeb may not be the same compared to a young adult who did not grow up in front of the cameras.  We all have had different experiences growing up whether it was influenced by money or fame. Every day now in entertainment news, it is all about how and what the young celebs are doing in their life’s and somehow this is very important too because we have to know every single little detail.  Thanks to the increase in technology, we can keep up with our favorite celebs 24/7 and this has cause may problems. From a viewpoint of my mother, she thinks that because of social media everything had been blown up more than what it should be. She believes that the teens celebs are doing the same thing other celebs did around her time but because of social media, fans know everything about what that celeb is doing and this has caused the celebs to have no private life at all.  My mother also believes that having a strong support system and a private life is what could help a lot of young adult celebrities today. To get a different viewpoint from a different age I asked my sister who is 16 and is around the same age as the young celebrities.  Overall she also thinks the young adults are just doing the same thing that kids her age do, but because everyone is watching then the young celebrity gets judged. Not only is being in the spotlight a main cause in the different lifestyles compared to  kids not in the spotlight, these young celebrities are also dealing with a large amount of money.   Money can be a great plus whether you are a celebrity are not, it allows you to do much more and also to own much more.  When asked is money plays a role my mother says “Yes, because they can do a lot of stuff that an average child cannot do”. Also my sister answered “Yes, the money gives them access to a lot of stuff or more accessibility that normal kids cannot get too.”   It is not uncommon that you hear about young celebrities that have moved out of their parent’s house and is now living in their own decked out apartment or house.  Or in other cause spend a lot of money on shopping sprees or lavishing vacations. But not to paint a bad picture, not all the money they keep to themselves, some help donate to charities and to help promote good causes.

  Now when it comes to using the word “normal” you have to think what exactly counts as a normal childhood or life, because someone’s normal may not be your normal. In this topic normal is being referred to as not having a life or childhood in front of media or Hollywood. Another thing to consider is that not all young stars that grow up in Hollywood “turn out bad” or are claimed a bad to the media. There are some stars out there that have never cause a big scene or has kept there good girl/boy image. These stars are really capable of staying out of the eye of the media and from my mother and sister they would be considered to have a good family support system.  But in the end what cause some stars to go crazy whose fault is it? Do we cause all the trouble because we want to see everything in the young celebs life, and then when it’s not what we like we turn our back and criticize them? 


Many people would think that ones doing the criticizing are the adults criticizing, but in many cases it is the reverse as young adults around the world speaks their mind about their favorite celebs. Overall, no matter what the public may or may not do we are still hurting our youth in some way by blowing things out of proportion when stories break the news.  Some people may say that we are not blowing things out of proportion because the young celeb needs to be punished because regular kids may not get away with the same things they do. Do we have high standards for those in the spotlight because we know that someone is looking up to them, or do we just not like them at all? If it was your child and you saw them constantly on the news who would you blame? From the interviews I conducted both people said they would not blame the media for the child’s behavior but let that child know that you cannot please everyone.

This topic brings up another problem are our young stars trying to please us or are they just acting for the cameras. You offered hear about kids’ stars that were so adorable when they were on sitcoms and movies, but when they come back it’s not always easy for them to jump back into the spotlight.

 For example Amanda Bynes has been recently in the news after being gone for so long, that many people are shocked and confused about the things is she doing. Many people believe that she needs help and others believe that she is crying for attention.  What causes these young celebs to go crazy and become patients at rehab camps?  With there being no direct answer to the question, we can say that our youth in Hollywood is always under pressure and we may or may not be happy with their decisions but that is a part of life and growing up. We all make mistakes whether we admit it or not, but because the stars are in front of the cameras we would like them to be perfect 24/7, which can be hard to do.