Florida Law…

The new story I looked at was online on CNN.com, by Heather Kelly. Who is both a writer and a producer and she wrote a impartial story about florida’s new law against gambling in local cafes. The company that owns CNN is Time Warner and partly Turner Broadcasting system. Many people today trust the news that CNN reports one because they have been around so long.
Throughout the report Heather Kelly would talk about the lawsuit that was the cause behind the new law in Florida that could out-law computers and phones. This law could infact make them become illegal. Also to help make the report impartial she would use quotes form attorney Justin Kaplan and other people. Overall by talking about the general information surrounding the lawsuit she helps make sure that all is represented. For this I would say that this reporter is really credible.
The reporter used simple and straight to the point language that allows the readers and audience to engage in the report and understand what was being about told.


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