Reporter’s Notebook

What I think about writing.

Writing is truly important in so many ways that it allows a form of communication, expression, entertainment and therapy. Just by picking up a pen or any writing utensils you can escape into your own world whether it’s meant to be private or public. Writing things down can help shape history, keep history and make history, the written word is really important, and has a long lasting impression.
Personally, I enjoy writing and like to do it time to time, just to help free my mind if I have too. Writing allows so many people private time from the world around them. Having the first amendment protect our writing rights is a bigger privilege because some of the things we may say are protected.
Now when writing for a company or organization you as a writer must be able to carry across a message sometimes without including your own opinion which can be hard. For example over the past years many things have arisen in America’s history that has cause controversy such as gay marriage, gun control and other important changes to our country. With gun control recently being in the news every day, many reporters many have had mixed feelings about what they were reporting but depending on how they were supposed to be reporting they may not be able to include opinion. Even CNN has had some trouble about whether it’s impartial or not, the article can be found on, and telling by the name of the website I am sure you can find others similar to it.
Not to take credit away to the reporters today, but being truly impartial has to take time and practice, because all humans have opinion even if they don’t know they can be bias against a certain matter. Even as I type this report I am using my own opinion and experiences about how I feel about reporters being impartial. Especially in America when it comes time for election or any politics, the everyday person turns to the news to see what is going on, and it’s hard to find unbiased information.
Overall, I believe writing is a wonderful thing that all can do and enjoy differently. Also, I think that being totally impartial may be hard, but I am sure that reporters and broadcaster who have been in the game long enough know when to turn it on and off. Humans are known to expression their opinion and to expression them loud, and this is what makes us who we are. Maybe our news can be biased at times, but the right audience always finds their right station. So in the end we are all happy, and getting what we need.


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