For Both my interviews I will ask the same questions
1. Overall would you say that you have a normal childhood, or have live a normal childhood? Why or Why not?
2. If you were a famous child or celebrity do you think your so called “normal” life/childhood would be any different?
3. Now compared to that { I am refereeing to the way they answered the last question} why do you think that kids and young celebrities are time are having just a hard time?
4. Do you think they are doing anything different than you are, or do you think that the media and society play a major role?
5. Now if you were in their situation how would you handle it? Or do you see these celebrities as being strong people, because they are able to take the hard criticism.

6. Do you believe that kids in the spot like are doing anything different than kids that are just like yourself?
7. Do we have too much pressure on the kids
8. Do you think the kids do this so they can stay in the spot light? Like they miss all the attention once they leave the Hollywood spotlight.
9. Why do you think some are affect more than other kids, examples would be Raven vs. Lindsay and so on?
10. Do you really think this is an issue, or just something common that all kids and young adults go through that will never go away? If so, how?
11. Does having money, and popularity play a role in this?
12. What would you do if it was your child being criticized by the media? Would you blame it on your child behavior or “Hollywood status”?

To come up with my question I just watched a lot of different entertainment news and media today, from E News, access hollywood, ellen and so on. I got different views and opinions about what is going on in the entertainment business today. Everyone has their opinion too it, some thing that the young adults should be responsible for their actions and others blame it on the media saying it’s not as bad because all people their age do the same thing.


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