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As the media continues to grow, our young celebrity, adults are always under fire and getting criticized by fans all over the world, the question is are we causing the pressure? Every day now it is not uncommon to hear about some celeb teen that has gotten in trouble for parting too hard or just acting inappropriately in front of media, but haven’t we all at some age done the same thing just not in front of the world. Constantly, there are new stars that come to the spotlight, and grow up in front of the cameras. But as soon as the young celeb, begins to grow into a young adult and make decisions for him or herself the public begins to pick them apart for everything they do. Along with now growing into a young adult celeb, what might be a normal childhood for the celeb teen may or may not be the same for an average teen who did not grow up in front of the cameras or does not have lots of money to spend. Throughout entertainment news it’s been all about what this star is or is not doing, which somehow is very important for us to know. Thanks to the increase in technology, we can keep up with our favorite celebs 24/7 and this has cause may problems. Interviewing a person around the age 35-41, she thought that because of social media everything had been blown up more than what it should be. She believes that the teens celebs are doing the same thing other celebs did around her time but because of social media fans know everything about what that celeb is doing and this has caused the celebs to have no private life at all. Having a strong support system and a private life is what she agreed for the most that would help the young celebs of today. When asked also about the problem of the young celebs to a 16 year old, she thought that the young celebs are just doing the same thing that kids her age do, but because everyone is watching them the celebs get judged. Also she says that money does play a role in this, because they are allowed to have access to a lot of things “normal” kids could get. Now when it comes to using the word “normal” you have to think what exactly counts as a normal childhood or life, because someone normal may not be your normal. In this topic normal is being referred to as not having a life or childhood in front of media or Hollywood. Also another thing is that not all the stars that come to Hollywood turn out “bad”, there are some stars you have never caused so be stir and then there are others who seem incapable of staying out the media. But who fault is it? Do we cause all the trouble because we want to see everything in the young celebs life, and then when it’s not what we like we turn our back and criticize them? Most people would think that it is the adults criticizing the young celebs, but sometimes it is the reverse as young adult around the world speaks their mind about the celebs. Overall, not matter what the public may or may not do we are still hurting our youth in some way by blowing thing out of proportion when stories break the news. Some people may say that we are not blowing things out of proportion because the young celeb needs to be punished because regular kids may not get away with the same thing. Do we have high standards for those in the spotlight because we know that someone is looking up to them, or do we just not like them at all? If it was your child and you saw them constantly on the news who would you blame? From the interviews I conducted both people said they would not blame the media for the child behavior but let that child know that you cannot please everyone. This topic brings up another problem, are these young celebs trying to please us or is it just them acting out because they do not want to leave the spotlight. You offered hear about kids’ stars that were so adorable when they were on sitcoms and movies, but we they come back it’s not always easy for them to jump back into the spotlight. Recently, Amanda Bynes has been in the headlights daily for doing so many things, to some people they would think she just wants some attention other may think that she just needs help. What causes these young celebs to go crazy and become patients at rehab camps? With there being no direct answer to the question, we can say that our youth in Hollywood is always under pressure and we may or may not be happy with their decisions but that is a part of life and growing up. We all make mistakes whether we admit it or not, but because the stars are in front of the cameras we would like them to be perfect 24/7, which can be hard to do.


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