06.00 Reporter’s Notebook

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts attended and graduated from Southern Louisiana University, which began to lead the way to her professional career as a sportscaster. Throughout the years from 1983-until now, Roberts has worked with many different broadcasting companies such as ESPN, ABC, ABC-TV, and many other local television networks. She has held many different positions in career ranging from host, co-anchor, reporter and she also was a radio host. As a journalist and a professional I believe Robin Roberts is at the top of her game, she has received several awards for her outstanding achievements in the reporting she has done over the years. Robin Roberts has plenty of experience and this is what has helped her become very successful today.
Roberts is currently a co-anchor with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Good Morning America, which airs weekdays. This job differs slightly from her previews job because she is no longer just reporting on sport like she has done in the pass, but now gets to report on world-wide news. With her job now what is similar is that she is still able to report with ABC. Roberts is at the top of her career and she was also able to leave her job for a while because she was dealing with cancer and she still came back into the business with everyone happy and proud to have her back. Those who watched Good Morning America all knew that it did not feel the same without her there, we all missed her. Though it may be awhile before there is another journalist/broadcaster like Robin Roberts, this new person should be able to step up and handle the challenges that come along with the job. You need to be able to get along with your audience, have a catch phrase, do your research, be able to stay up late and rise early in the morning, all these things I am sure Roberts had to do. As Robin Roberts would say “Go on with your bad self”.

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