07.00 Reporter’s Notebook

Before starting the course I would think of journalist as someone who did a lot of writing, for radio stations, and television stations.  I thought the overall purpose of journalism was to gather information and tell it back to the public, other than this I really had no idea about what their purpose was. I did not know about journalistic ethics before starting the course.  This course was the first place I learned the word impartial writing, before I knew that you were to leave your opinion out of your writing but I did not know what it was called.  I was not really interested in journalism because I did not know what it was truly about besides the whole lot of writing part.

My definition of journalism has changed a lot because now I know what exactly a journalist has to do and what they cannot do.  I still believe that the purpose of journalism is to gather information and to inform the public on it in any form of media. Whether it is news you love or it is part of a job. I know now that journalist have to stick to certain rules and regulations when putting information out to the public, you never want to offend your audience.  I did know that in order to get your audience to react a certain way you may use certain words that have connation that will cause reactions.  My understanding of impartial reporting and opinion writing has changed, because I now realize how hard it can be to write an impartial writing and to leave all of your personal opinion out of the writing.  The future of journalism is still wide range, because as we continue to expand in technology and new creative ideas there is no telling what and how we will be getting our new in the future. But overall I believe that journalism will not go away because it is a good and resourceful way to inform others.


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