6.2 Education

  1. How do I get there from here?

First I will have to go to college, undergraduate, then become a graduate.

     2.What education do I need to reach this milestone?

     I will some background in Television and Film, if this is what I want to into.

 3. What education do I need to succeed in this career?

Most places want education in the type of equipment used and basic background, and hopefully get an internship so I can be adjusted to the business.

4. What steps can I take now to begin preparing my future?

Look for art colleges

5. How long might this take me?

It could take four years to finish colleges, and might take longer to find a job.  




Even though I have written the basics down for my life plan, it is not perfect because I really do not know what I want to do exactly in life. I realize though that I am running out of time but this list helps me become organized with the things I already and sure about.  Education wise, it should not take longer than four years, unless the type of school I go too requires more than just four years. Also an art school or private school may allow for me to deal with the business I want to go in and help me get to witness the background of the business. I believe that my goals are reasonable because I have not pushed myself hard enough, these goals are really simple. To have goals and a career plan allows me to stay organize and to see how my life could be in the future.  I believe people do this, so when the time comes they have it already figured out and do not have to jump to a plan B.





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