Kierra Coleman

Video Presentation

Parents Evaluation by Wanda Coleman

I feel that Kierra made good eye contact throughout the video presentation. She made eye contact that appeared to be consistent and confident throughout the speech. I rate her an Excellent on this rubic component.

Kierra was sitting in an office chair during the video which did affect her posture. I observed that she was rocking back in forth slightly during the presentation which was a little distracting. Her posture appeared to be good throughout the delivery and I did not observe her sloughing over. I rate her Average as her posture appeared to be comfortable throughout the speech.

The next section of the rubric is Articulation. I feel that Kierra spoke clearly so that her content was easy to understand. The level of her speech was appropriate and I did not have to strain to hear what she was communicating.  She appeared to be comfortable and confident in the information she was sharing. She did correct herself a few times during her speech but it was not very noticeable and was handled smoothly.  I rate her, Excellent as she articulated in a way that sounded comfortable audible and confident throughout the speech.

The last component is dress. Kierra choice of attaire for this presenation could have been a slight bit dressier. I feel that a full shirt instead of a tank top would have been more appropriate for a video presentation. The tank top was neat and nice looking but may have not been the best choice.  I would have to rate her as, Needs Improvement as I don’t feel that was the most appropriate choice of clothing for a video presentation. 




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