Television Of Today !!

B: Welcome to television of Today

K: Today we will discuss to news stories about different things that can be found on TV.

C: Like are reality TV Shows good and the rise of controversial topic television shows.

K: first we will take a look at the rise in the many different reality TV shows that can be found anywhere.

 All through television history we have always had some type of reality shows but they probably werent as extreme and full of drama as they are today. If you were to ask someone about this and ask them to list their qualties they would say drama,fighting,drinking,clubs and so on. But as these shows continue to grow when will we realize that enough is enough. We can all admit that we have once been glued to the television trying to get a glimpse of someone’s life whether it is drama filled or portrayed as being a really good life.n the end though, the real question is “what are we getting out of it, by watching these shows”, “what happens to these so called ‘reality TV stars’ that come to fame really easy”.Do the actions of these reality TV stars cause the audience to react the same in the real world after having watched their favorite person act out?As we all know the more the drama the better the show, but at the same time we complain when we see grown woman (for example Real Housewives, Basketball wives) fighting over stupid stuff and would not like our children seeing and wanting them to see this. As these shows grow and branch out to new cities, many of the cities and the locals boycott against it. No one wants to be portrayed by a young adult who does nothing but party, drink and hang out with friends. Many believe this is not true reality anyway because most believe it is scripted. But whether it is scripted or not we are all still addicted. I use the word addicted because it is something that we cannot pull away from. For example Keeping up with the Kardians has allowed this family to become really well know not only in America but in many other countries. “What makes there life so interesting that we must turn in every Sunday to get a glimpse at what they are doing”.  Other people complain and say that we are turning these “none talented people into celebrities by just watching there show and not making them work hard for their stardom like every other celebrity.Sometimes I agree and disagree with this statement, but that is just my opinion.   Overall I do not see reality TV going anyway but still growing and giving us good entertainment. As far as the stars of the show, some people regret having done it, others feel like it was their duty to show America there life’s. Because of reality TV, it allows people to see the “true you” and sometimes in the end go bad. For example Jon and Kate plus eight was a popular show on TLC about to parents and their twins plus sextuplets.  Everyone loved the show and the family, and even it was announced that the two were splitting nothing was private anymore. At times I felt bad for both the parents but sometimes you have to realize the consequences that can come up when you make decisions.  But there have been successful shows on TLC such as “19 kids and counting, little people big world, a baby story and so on.Along with this many of the shows have cause some of the stars to receive backlash because of the way they acted or were “portrayed” on the show.  The youngest sister on the Braxton Family values Tamar Braxton was highly targeted when the show came out by many different fans, and overall the drama was not needed at all.

In the end whether or not you agree with these shows they are making good TV and are making people happy.


Cierra Coleman


Television shows today are touching more on controversial topics then what they have before. Is this a bad thing? Television today now allows content like interracial couples and same sex couples. Much of America does not agree with this but I don’t feel it’s bad. I don’t think we should not show certain things on television, I feel that we see it on a daily basis so we should not have to take it off television. If you don’t agree with what is being shown on television, then don’t watch it. We should not have to alter what is shown on television because some of America does not want to accept it. These new shows allows some of America sneak peeks or little glimpses of what it’s like to live kind of rejected by America. Like ABC Family’s new show the Fosters it deals with a same-sex couple adopting and raising children. The show also touches on drug abuse, child abuse, a child living with divorced parents and people wanting to be accepted. This show is not bad, it’s not telling children what to do or how to live. Some people just don’t like seeing stuff that they don’t believe it correct. Just like the Cheerios commercial, Cheerios meant no harm they were just trying to advertise healthy cereal. All they did was have an interracial couple with a biracial child talking about the cereal and how it would help your heart. This commercial received a lot of backlash b/c of it. People were saying that this was bad, and it is teaching our children the wrong thing. In all reality we just don’t like accepting things that are different. Like the show sister wives, it’s just something different. It’s a man with multiple wives, and children. This is a very controversial topic but many still watch it. This goes to show how television is branching out to new and different things.


 K: As you can tell television has changed over time

C: whether the good or bad, this is television today

Overall we all enjoy it!

C: This is Cierra Coleman

K: and I am Kierra Coleman

Thank you for tuning in to Television Today!!


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